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Bringing live music to local nursing homes

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  The Heywood Giles quintet playing at The Laurels.

The Heywood Giles quintet playing at The Laurels.

Take a look: at the videos that we have uploaded to the Performance Videos page.  They will give you a good idea what a Nursing Homes Swing event is like, and we just added some new ones this March. 

Also take a look at Music and Memory, a non-profit organization that brings personalized music into the lives of the elderly or infirm through digital music technology, vastly improving quality of life. They're doing great work that has a lot in common with Nursing Homes Swing. 

We hope that you will consider giving some of your time to Nursing Homes Swing and enjoy the live music at the same time that you help others to do so. The small staff of people who arrange the Nursing Homes Swing performances could use some help making these concerts go smoothly. If you can show up a little early to one or two of the performances each month, check with the nursing home's activity director to ensure that the residents know about and attend the concert, and take a head count, you can then sit with the residents to enjoy the music knowing that your efforts made it all the more enjoyable for the residents, the staff, and the musicians. Contact us for more information about volunteering.

Musicians: Update or include your information for the Musician Listings. We send periodic reminders to the activities directors of the nursing homes that musicians are listed on our website so that they can contact them directly when they need music for additional events. Fees are negotiated directly with the musicians.  This has worked well for some of the musicians with several events being arranged in the past few months. We look forward to the list being a good resource for other venues—restaurants, wineries, etc.—as soon as we get the word out. If you want to send  your information, I'll be happy to post it to the site. 

Several Nursing Homes Swing musicians have recently released a CD as The Heptatonic Jazz Quintet featuring Dick Orange. Their album "Gin & Heptatonic" is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and all the major streaming services.

Please visit our featured performer: Katherine Shaver.

Upcoming Events

July 2018

Wed., July 4: Cedars Healthcare Center
3:00 Jim Howe Quartet with Bob Bennetta, keys, Haywood Giles, sax & Bob Bowen, bass
Thurs., July 12: Morningside Assisted Living
3:00 David Drubin & the Groove Merchants with Jonah Kane-West, keys & Michael Elswick, saxes
Sat., July 14: Mountainside
2:30  Jazz 1 2 3 with Robert LaRue, sax, David Weiss, piano & Joe Tucker, vibes
Mon., July 16: Mary Williams Center
10:30 Rosetta with Susanna Rosen, vocals, Bob Bennetta, piano, Richard Adams, trumpet & sax, & Andre  LaVelle, bass
Thurs., July 19: Betty J. Queen Center
11:00 Royce Campbell Trio with Bob Bowen, bass & Denny Toyy, harmonica
Mon. July 23: Cville Health & Rehab.
3:00 Katherine Shaver Quartet with David Drubin, drums, Bob Bowen, bass & Dwight Spencer, guitar
Tues., July 31: Rosewood Village/Greenbrier      
3:00 Front Porch Pickers with Devon Sproule & Kathleen Engel
Nursing Homes Swing is on a half scheduled for July and August but will be back with a full schedule in September.

 You are welcome to join us at any event to find out just what Nursing Homes Swing is all about. Just let us know ahead of time (434-973-3956) so that we can inform the residence.

If  you would like to know what else is happening this month in our area, take a look at and click on the “Events in Town” link.

 Click this button to make a tax deductible donation to the  Nursing Homes Swing  Fund on the Church of our Saviour's website. 

Click this button to make a tax deductible donation to the Nursing Homes Swing Fund on the Church of our Saviour's website. 

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Bringing live music to local nursing homes