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Bringing live music to local nursing homes

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September is here and we are back to our full schedule and  preparing to celebrate our 10th anniversary. Details soon but we hope you will join us.

Extended Benefits Of NHS: Our primary goal may be to bring a bit of pleasure to the residents but there are benefits to the performers as well. Our musicians get to meet each other, learn from each other, and perform with each other.  Styles and preferences deepen through these meetings.  And if you check the NHS schedule below, you'll see that one of our favorites, Haywood Giles, was given the opportunity to pick some of his faves and invite them to play at three gigs this month!  Each of these gigs will encourage the players to adapt, hone their style, pick up or give cues all while entertaining and sharing the love with our elders. Everybody wins.

Visit our New Page: Take a look at the videos that we have uploaded to the Performance Videos page.  They will give you a good idea what a Nursing Homes Swing event is like.

Project Life Enhancement:  We continue to seek donations of  instruments, keyboards,  iPods, radios, CD players, electronic games, tablets or laptops, or music or keyboard stands so that Nursing Homes Swing can be a conduit for acquiring and distributing items that can enhance the life of the residents.  If you have any “extra” items sitting around unused, please contact Mary Beth Revak or send us a message through the Contact page.  Your donations can help to enrich the lives of nursing home residents—young or old—especially someone in one of the Medicare dependent homes. 

Musicians: Update or include your information for the Musician Listings. We send periodic reminders to the activities directors of the nursing homes that musicians are listed on our website so that they can contact them directly when they need music for additional events. Fees are negotiated directly with the musicians.  This has worked well for some of the musicians with several events being arranged in the past few months. We look forward to the list being a good resource for other venues—restaurants, wineries, etc.—as soon as we get the word out. If you want to send  your information, I'll be happy to post it to the site. 

Please visit our featured performer:  Haywood Giles here.

Upcoming Events

September 2017

Fri., Sept. 1:  Trinity Mission
3:00 Rick LaRue, violin & Peter Richardson, guitar

Tues., Sept 5: Lodge at Old Trail
3:00 Paulien w/ Gérard Brikkenaar van Dijk, piano & Bob Bowen, bass 

Wed., Sept. 6: Cedars Healthcare Center
3:00 Richard Adams Trio w/ Tom Harbeck, guitar & Lew Morrison, bass

Sat., Sept. 9: Mountainside
2:30 Dick Orange Trio w/ Wally White, keys & Bob Bowen, bass

Mon., Sept. 11:  Morningside  
3:00 JAZZ 1-2-3 Trio w/ Robert Larue, sax, David Weiss, piano & Joe Tucker, guitar

Tues., Sept 12: RoseWood Village/Greenbrier
3:00 Mary Robinson Trio w/ Wally White, keys & Bob Bowen, bass

Fri., Sept. 15: Our Lady of Peace
3:00 David Drubin Groove Merchants w/ Jonah Kane-West, keys, Tom Harbeck, guitar & David Drubin, drums.

Thurs., Sept. 21: RoseWood Village/Hollymead
3:00 Stan Hamrick, guitar & vocals

Tues., Sept 26: Laurels
3:00 Brad Sayler Quartet w/ Steve Baber, piano, Bob Bowen, bass, Mark Lee, drums, Michael Elswick, sax & Brad Sayler, vocals

Thurs., Sept. 28: C’ville Health & Rehab
3:00 Katherine Shaver Trio w/ Vince Lewis, guitar & Bob Bowen, bass

 You are welcome to join us at any event to find out just what Nursing Homes Swing is all about. Just let us know ahead of time (434-973-3956) so that we can inform the residence.

If  you would like to know what else is happening this month in our area, take a look at and click on the “Events in Town” link.

Click this button to make a tax deductible donation to the Nursing Homes Swing Fund on the Church of our Saviour's website. 

Click this button to make a tax deductible donation to the Nursing Homes Swing Fund on the Church of our Saviour's website. 

Bringing live music to local nursing homes