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We love it when people say nice things about us and the musicians…

 Applause for the November 30 2018 fundraising benefit at C’ville Coffee

It was a great night. Thank you for allowing me to be part of it all. And thank you for all you have done to make all this possible.

– Dick Orange, vocalist

What an enjoyable evening! It was good to connect with old friends, and the music was great!

– Dona Wylie

It was great seeing you Jackie and all the other folks. Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. All our best!

– Bill Coburn, Church of Our Savior

May I echo my bandmate’s sentiments. Thanks Jackie!

– Steve Baber

Glad it was a success! It was very enjoyable. And thanks, Jackie, for all you do. Your commitment and energy seem boundless.

– Victor Lee, clarinetist

Thanks for all you do for us!

– Mark Lee, drummer

It's a pleasure to be part of NHS, and thanks for all you do to make it happen!

– Jim Howe, drummer

It was a great evening of music, Jackie! Thanks for all your work to keep this wonderful ministry going.

– Barrie Barrett

More comments over the years about Nursing Home Swing

Music is by nature a spiritual medium. It's always good to see the residents’ spirits lifted when you play for them. We usually play the Hokey Pokey. Gotta keep those hands and feet moving. If it's an especially lively bunch, we'll play the Chicken Dance. When the Saints Go Marching In is usually the favorite of the crowd."

- Richard Adams, multi-instrumentalist

I think I ACME swing got involved with Nursing Home Swing somewhere near the beginning of its existence. We saw it is a great way to give back to the public for all the great fun we were having play music of the 30s. It’s a wonderful thing to go out as a group with the intention to make a difference and touch people with your music. Very quickly we found that we were being touched back by the people we were playing for at nursing homes. Sitting and talking, hearing reminisces and seeing folks come to life through our music was extremely rewarding. I remember having a long conversation with a fellow who told me all about working at a music store in North Carolina with a young guitarist named Tal Farlow … hey, you can’t make this stuff up. Get out, get active and play some gigs for Nursing Homes Swing!

- Jackson Boylan, ukulele and vocals

Dear Jackie and Mary Beth, Thank you very much for your great effort to create and manage Nursing Homes Swing.  It’s a wonderful program, an eloquent example of what makes our community such a special place to live.  I’m personally grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to play and be paid at several retirement and nursing homes around town, and have had a lot of fun and made many friends through these programs you’ve sponsored. 

- Pete Vigour 03/12/2018

 Bob and Jackie had a great vision for providing music and a spiritual aspect to their encouragement of residents. Involving local musicians in this wonderful outreach allowed us to give of ourselves to bring enjoyment to the community as well. It's been fun and rewarding to take part. Thank you, Jackie Hostage!

- Howie Campbell,  Facebook 02/09/18

 At this nursing home gig I had today there was a married couple in the audience that I kept noticing because the lady obviously had dementia or Alzheimer's and her husband would explain the names of the songs over after I announced them all the while tenderly holding her hand. He exuded so much love towards her even though she could not reciprocate. Even though she was going to have to leave him due to this tragedy of aging he was determined that she was going to go enveloped in his love. It was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

- Royce Campbell, Facebook 02/20/18 (at Morningside Assisted Living)

 Thanks to you and your team for all you do each year bringing top-notched entertainment to not only OLOP, but all the other C-ville communities. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!

- Sherry Beverage, Our Lady of Peace 12/23/2017

 We had a great time watching everyone having a great time. This is why I love NHS and the feeling of joy watching the residents enjoying themselves.

- Dick Orange, vocalist, 1/27/17 

Our residents LOVED the Benny Dodd Trio. We had 48 residents attending at one count. They asked over and over when they were coming back. Some danced, some sang, some did both. Staff came in and danced with residents. It was AMAZING. Best time we have had in a long time.  We would love to have them come again.

- Margaret Thacker, Activities Director, Golden Living Center, 12/7/2016

 I couldn’t agree more.  Having NHS come to entertain our residents is a highlight of every month!  Thank you Jackie and Mary Beth!

- Penny Goldman, Activities Manager, Mountainside Senior Living, 11/11/2016

­­Thanks Jackie and all for another year of FANTASTIC music. Our residents so enjoy having you and yours here!!

- Marian E. Morris BS,  ADC, Activities Director, Martha Jefferson House, 11/11/2016

Jackie and Mary Beth,

Thank you all so much for your tireless work in bringing OLOP residents top notch musicians and clergy. You make a difference in so many life’s in the Charlottesville community. THANKS!

- Sherry Beverage, Director of Activities, Our Lady of Peace, 11/10/2016

Thank you so much for scheduling Pete & Ellen to come out to the Betty Queen center today! the seniors absolutely loved them!

- Crystal Donovan, HDM Program Coordinator/Louisa Senior Center Manager

We LOVED having the Murphy Sisters here to sing for us on Monday. They are so incredibly talented and played everything from classic hymns to their own songs! Thanks Nursing Homes Swing for another awesome live music performance!

 - Mary Williams Center, Facebook 10/21/2016

What You and Brother Bob Hostage created continues to provide abundant joy, peace, health, laughter and life to so many!! Thanking You Always, Brother Joe

- Joe Tucker, musician email 10/2016

The group yesterday was AMAZING and everyone loved them.  The Jazz was so wonderful. Thanks again for all you do.  

- Margaret Thacker, Golden Living Center email, 10/9/2016

Please have the Murphy Sisters come to Mary Williams again!    They sang all kinds of things, from traditional hymns to their own songs, and there was lots of singing and clapping along.  We even posted on our FACEBOOK page about them.  Thanks as always to Nursing Homes Swing."

- Kelly, Boyer, Mary Williams Community Center

This past week (on Tuesday), we had NHS over to our facility. The residents absolutely loved the musical performers who played for us on the 10th. I was wondering if there is any way I could have their contact information to see if they would like to come back next month and play for the residents again. Thank you for your time and getting these amazing performers to come to Rosewood on a monthly basis. 

- Brandon Christ, Activities Director, Charlottesville Health & Rehabilitation

Thanks for the info and definitely good luck with the fund raising. It doesn’t take long to realize the value this live music has for everyone and particularly those folks who have so much taken away by life’s vagaries. Thank you again for all that you do it really is one of the best medicines.

- Ben Forrest, Activities Director, JABA Adult Day Care Center

Thank you so much for sending the Bennie Dodd Trio to us today. The members of the Mary Williams center absolutely LOVED the performance and would really enjoy repeat visits from this group anytime you can make that happen! :) 

- Kelly Carpenter, Activities Director, Mary Williams Community Center

It was nice to see listeners smiling, tapping feet and singing along with songs that connect them to earlier times in their lives. Beautiful power in music.

- John Jensen, trombonist

Ya'll are such a wonderful organization. Everybody wins. The patients and the great work u do and extra work for the musicians and the great fabulous gratitude from seeing the look on their faces singing their favorite songs.

- Bennie Dodd, guitarist and fiddler, Aug 25, 2015

I just wanted to send a note of thanks to you and Mary Beth for the wonderful talent you send us every month with Nursing Home Swing.

Music is like a lifeline to many of our residents living with dementia, and they thoroughly connect with, and enjoy all of the entertainers you have sent our way.  Many folks who don’t speak much, will light up and sing along with the music.  It’s a wonderful and amazing phenomenon.  I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that a lot of our other residents who don’t live with dementia make it a point to attend Nursing Home Swing’s performances, because they know they will truly enjoy the experience.

We try to get as much music as we possibly can on our activities calendar each month, and have come to rely on Nursing Home Swing to provide some of the best we offer our residents.  The musicians are so talented, professional, and kind, and that is just the right formula for a terrific musical experience for our folks. 

Thank you from all of us at Mountainside Senior Living – we so appreciate everything you do for our beloved residents!

- Penny Goldman, Activities Manager, Mountainside Senior Living

Jackie you are doing such a great job, bringing  cheer to patients. It's great to think it all started at Cedars, now Golden Living Center, when Nancy was there and your husband Bob brought communion to her.

- Anne Harris, Charlottesville

Very valuable concert series in the Charlottesville area providing entertainment for the residents of several assisted living facilities. I am happy to be a part of this with several folks, including Katherine Brown Shaver and Nadine Chase, and thanks to founder Jackie Hostage and vocalist and coordinator Mary Beth Revak for their hard work and dedication to a worthwhile cause. Mary Beth and bassist Bob Bowen and I are doing a live radio performance and interview to promote the series on April 16 at 9 PM on WTJU Public Radio. Thanks to them as well for their willingness to get the word out.

- Vince Lewis, guitarist

It is truly an honor, Vince, to share music with you and be a part of Nursing Home Swing. Jackie and Mary Beth work so diligently to make it a thriving success. It is truly a gift to be able to play for the residents.....made especially so when in the company of such talented, giving musicians and friends.

- Katherine Brown Shaver, vocalist

I am writing regarding Mrs. Jackie Hostage and the wonderful Nursing Home Swing Program she brings to our community.  RoseWood Village at Hollymead houses approximately 90 residents.  We offer musical performance several times a month but our residents always look forward to the wide range of musicians who perform when Nursing Home Swing is scheduled.  The joy it brings to the residents is heartwarming and to hear them talk to the artists after their performance leaves no doubt that the performances enrich their lives and take them down memory lane. 

Nursing Home Swing is a wonderful organization, with loving, caring and generous people who are dedicated to sharing their love for music with the elderly.  I have booked several of their musicians to come in on their own and am always excited to see who they will feature next!  I hope they continue to visit Assisted Living and Nursing Home communities for several years to come.

- Chrystal K. Plaugher,  Activities Coordinator

Thank you so much for all you do to bring the Charlottesville community top notch entertainment. The residents are enjoying the programs.  They especially wanted me to let you know they loved the Paulien Trio. Again thanks for all you do.

- Sherry Beverage, Director of Activities, Our Lady of Peace

Hello, and Happy New Year! I just wanted to contact Nursing Home Swing back and see if we at The Lodge could get you to bring your special music out to us. A few years ago when I worked at Our Lady of Peace I loved it when you performed for our residents! (and me) I'm a musician also, but not in your league! I can appreciate your talent though. Think about us, thanks for all you do!

- Pam Jessee, Activities Director, The Lodge at Old Trail

Thank you Jackie!

I wanted to let you know, that your advance scheduling is SO helpful to us!  We try to work about a month ahead, and knowing in advance when NHS is coming is so helpful, you have no idea.

Thanks for all you do, and for always sending us such wonderful musicians.  NHS visits are one of the monthly highlights for our residents – they love it!

- Penny Goldman, Activities Manager, Mountainside Senior Living

ZuZu's Hot Five were FANTASTIC and well received. Thanks so much for including us in on this wonderful program.

- Marian E. Morris,  BS, ADC, Activities Director, Martha Jefferson House

Good Morning Ladies!

I just wanted to say thank you for sending Bennie Dodd and his band to us last weekend.  Our residents are STILL raving about them!  One man, who I can never get to attend any other activities said, “You get him back here, and I’ll go to all the music activities!” 

Just wanted to pass that along – I believe we’re going to contact Bennie to play for us for an event at the end of May, but I wanted to let you know that you hit another “home run” with the entertainment you’re sending to Mountainside!  We had 34 people attend that day, which is fantastic!

Thank you for all  you do, and just as soon as you’re able, please send Bennie back to us—the sooner the better!

- Penny Goldman, Activities Manager, Mountainside Senior Living

With the passing of Bob Hostage this morning it is truly a sad day in Charlottesville for the local jazz community, senior communities, and all who have had the pleasure to know and work with him and his wonderful wife Jackie over the years.

Thanks to their tireless work in creating the Nursing Homes Swing program, hundreds of seniors and people living with disabilities have had the benefit of monthly healing services from his Episcopalian church, and the chance to listen to the most incredible live music from Charlottesville's best. And these musicians have been able to be justly compensated for their talent and helped to make a living out of their music. 

We can only guess at the selflessness and time commitment the Hostages have dedicated in their search for grants and funding, and the chores of booking and scheduling over the last 7 years.

We all share in Jackie's loss and pray for her in the days to come. It truly was an honor to know Bob and a nicer couple has never existed. Anyone who met them could not but admire their generosity, good taste, decency, patience, devotion, goodness, and courage.

- Lori Sallade, Charlottesville Jazz on Facebook

Bringing live music to local nursing homes