Nursing Homes Swing

Bringing live music to local nursing homes

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Dedicated to Bob and Dave

NHS! lost two major players this summer. Bob Hostage, who conceived the idea of Nursing Homes Swing!, died on June 30 and Dave Kannensohn, who performed many times for our nursing home audiences, died on August 7. The two first met in 2008 when Bob was able to enlist Dave to perform at Morningside.

After 13 years as a marketing vice president for a major corporation followed by 15 years as Vice-President of Betterway Publications, Inc., Bob  dedicated his last fifteen years as a volunteer with  Church of Our Saviour, Hospice of the Piedmont, and Meals-on-Wheels, but he claimed that Nursing Homes Swing! was the most fulfilling project that he had ever undertaken.


Dave Kannensohn's interest in music began with playing the harmonica at the age of ten. By 16 he was "on the road" with Jimmy Dimmick's Million Dollar Sunny Brook Orchestra as lead saxophone for the 18 piece band. By the time he moved to Charlottesville in 1991 he had switched to clarinet and soon began playing at many of Charlottesville's music venues. He was still playing at 98 when he died.

Dave with Bob Bennetta at Rosewood Village Hollymead .

Dave with Bob Bennetta at Rosewood Village Hollymead.

If you are interested in our ongoing sale of Bob's CD collection, you can access a list of the available titles and tracks at or call Jackie at 434-973-3956.


Bringing live music to local nursing homes