Nursing Homes Swing

Bringing live music to local nursing homes

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ACME Swing Mfg. Co.
Classic swing re-interpreted, with originals sprinkled in; serious musicianship and a sense of humor.

Mary Beth Revak – Vocals

Steve Brecker – Trumpet & Vocals

Haywood Giles – Sax & Vocals

Nick Maglione – Drums

Andre La Velle – Bass

Guitar – Bill Edmonds

Contact: 434-444-4214 or 434-979-1373

Back Row’d Brass
An ensemble of the Charlottesville Municipal Band the group includes both trombones and a tuba. They perform a wide range works from the Renaissance, Baroque and Classical eras, arrangements of popular tunes and contemporary works for trombone ensemble, as well as jazz and novelty numbers. Available afternoons and possible weekends.
Contact Steve Layman:
Facebook Page:

Bob Bennetta
Bob Bennetta Quartet
Contact: 434-295-8818

Howie Campbell
Guitar, vocals, singer/songwriter   Singer/songwriter and 70s folk and folk rock.
Cool Beans Jazz Jazz duo, trio, quartet and more
Free Union Jam  jazz-flavored rock, R&B and , funk
Moose River Band  70s style rock and southern rock Old School rock at its best. Formed in 1979, doing reunion concerts in upstate New York. 
Contact: 434-825-9426

Royce Campbell
Guitar solo, duo, trio or quartet
Contact: 540 246-4353

CASE Charlottesville-Albemarle Saxophone Ensemble (CASE)
Jazz, pop, standards, beloved classics and modern sax quartet pieces
Robert LaRue, soprano sax
Glenn Lankford, alto sax
David Moody, tenor sax
Brian Hamshar, baritone sax
Contact: Brian Hamshar 434-242-3369

Clarinet Quartet (part of the Charlottesville Municipal Band)
Playing ragtime, classical, marches
Contact: Burt Marks 434-591-0230

Carol S. Covell
Carol Covell Trio
Contact: 804-232-7963

Jay Daniels
Piano and vocals (Available as Soloist or with Trio)
Timeless classics from Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, and others.
Contact: 540-505-JAZZ

Noriko Donahue
Piano (available as soloist or with duo/ensemble)
Classical and pop music
Rick LaRue/Noriko Donahue Classical Duet
Contact: 434-825-7622

Bob Driver and Trudy Cole
Guitars and vocals
A Blend of Laid-Back Jazz, Blues and Vintage Pop
5679 Snapps Creek RD
Singers Glen, VA 22850
Contact: 540-833-8608

David Drubin
Contact: 305-667-5089

Eric Franzen
Contact: 612-817-0450

Haywood Giles
ACME Swing Mfg. Co. -- Swing Era Jazz and dance music
HGQ -- Small Combo Standard Jazz and Blue Note
Mami Gato -- eclectic funk, grooving, reworked pop tunes
Lone Rangers Band -- faithful cover band, events band, wedding band
Contact: 540-661-9262

Stan Hamrick
Guitar and vocals
Repertoire of vintage and classic jazz, country, R&B, pop, and rock. 
Contact: 703-966-9677

Kelly Harris
Etc by Kelly
Enhancing your day through Massage, Music, Mirth & More!
Music for all occasions solo to full band
Piano & Vocals, Clowning, Ventriloquism, Inspirational Seminars
Contact: 540-461-0247

Doug Hepler
Guitar and vocals
Standards from the "Great American Songbook,” some old time and bluegrass.
376 Old Bumpass Farm Ln
Bumpass, Va 23024
Contact: 540-872-0386 (or

Jim Howe
Jim Howe Jazz Ensemble—Jazz duo, trio, quartet or more, all styles
Sentimental Journey Big Band
Ginny Burke/Trevor Williams Quintet
Contact: 434-975-4247

Rick LaRue
Classical violin/guitar and piano
Rick LaRue/Noriko Donahue Classical Duet
LaRue Jazz Quintet: jazz, Latin, fusion, classical jazz, gypsy jazz, rock and traditional fiddling
performed on violin, guitar, piano, vibraphone, bass and drums
Contact: 434-975-1522

Vince Lewis
Instrumental Standards from " The Great American Songbook"
Contact : 434-277-9209

Lulu & Friends
Lynn Pribus, guitar
Lynn Appleby, vocal
Sara Greenfield, vocal
Diana Eichles, vocal
Meg Zakin, vocal
Betty Titterington, vocal
This engaging ensemble of music practitioners encourages audiences to sing along on familiar songs from times gone by.  
Their repertoire includes folk music, Broadway tunes, songs of faith, and hit parade numbers from the 20s, 30s, 40s and earlier.
Contact: 434-293-4644

Burt Marks
Clarinet, sax (classical and jazz)
Contact: 434-591-0230

Jane McDonald
Vocalist: Jazz & blues, Great American Songbook, inspirational, weddings.  
Contact: 434-989-5457

Blue O'Connell
Guitar and vocals
Jazz standards, swing, show tunes, gospel, classical. Solo artist. 

Dick Orange
Available vocalist solo or with combo
Music in the Sinatra/Bennett style
Contact: 434-591-0910

Vocalist: repertoire of French chanson and familiar jazz standards
Paulien Trio with Bill Edmonds, Bob Bowen and/or Gérard Brikkenaar van Dijk  
Contact: 434-465-0500

Rivanna Winds (part of Charlottesville Municipal Band)
Playing ragtime, Dixieland, marches, polkas, waltzes, novelty pieces
trumpet, trombone, tuba, clarinet, clarinet / tenor sax
Contact: Burt Marks 434-591-0230

Brad Sayler
Classic Standards from the Great American Songbook
Contact: 434-823-7334

Katherine Shaver
Vocals and guitar
Katherine Shaver Trio
Eclectic covers from the 40s to present; including jazz, swing, country, rock n' roll, blues.
Contact: 434-806-8837

Joe Tucker
Vibraphone and marimba
Bob DuCharme Group - Swing,Latin etc
Jim Howe Group- Swing, Latin etc
New Life Horizons- Swing, Standards, Gospel, Folk
Contact: 434-960-0825

Jaye Urgo
Jazz Collective #9 - appearing every Monday at Fellini's #9 at 9.
Trio: Audrey Goldsmith, Bob DuCharme, & Jaye - piano, bass, guitar trio. Standards, swing, Latin for all occasions.
Soul Transit Authority - seven-piece classic soul band featuring the powerful and inspiring vocals of Reverend Doyle "Chief" Thomas.
Contact: 434-981-8028

Art Wheeler
Pianist, composer, teacher
All styles: jazz, blues, gospel, classical.  Solo or with group.
Contact: 434-466-4087

Jim Wray
Piano and trombone
F.U.S.E. Jazz, R&B, Reggae cross over
2x88 dueling pianos, jazz standards
Contact: 434-532-3994
fax: 804 414-9870

Zuzu’s Hot 5
Zuzu's Hot 5—Dixieland, Blues, Jazz
Jelly Street Jazz—trio: electric guitar, bass, vocals. Blues, Jazz, Funk:
The Jazz Invitation—Jazz standards quartet: piano, clarinet, bass, vocals:  Contact: Tom Mix 434-244-2619




The Bob Bennetta Quartet entertaining a Our Lady of Peace.

The Bob Bennetta Quartet entertaining a Our Lady of Peace.

Bringing live music to local nursing homes